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TEAM TO END AIDS (T2) is an endurance event training program benefiting APLA Health.

As a part of our team of dedicated charity athletes, we’ll train you to cross the finish line at an endurance event, and we’ll help you raise funds to end AIDS and save lives.

Join our family of dedicated coaches, experienced staff, and supportive teammates,
and sign up now for the experience of a lifetime.

The team

Kerry Quakenbush, Director of Endurance EventsKerry has been involved with APLA Health’s endurance event training program since 2003 and has completed over 55 marathons and several half marathons as well as various trail races and relays. He is also an accomplished triathlete and two-time Ironman. Kerry became a coach for APLA’s marathon program in 2008 and has been the Director of Endurance Events since January 2009.
  • Bart Tangredi
  • Joaquin Ortiz
  • Juan Carlos (JC) Fernandez
  • Kevin McDonald
  • Cindy Kramer
  • Charles McPeak
  • Eddie Salazar
  • Trey Teufel
  • Casey Wooden
  • Brooks Crouse
  • Joel Bryant
  • Dené Preston
  • Jennifer Baughman
  • Kat' Ferson
  • Michelle Tran
  • Naomi Sweredoski


APLA Health’s endurance event training programs have been training people to complete endurance events since 1998. We train first-timers, experienced athletes, and everyone in between. We offer a customized comprehensive training program for your individual fitness level. You’ll train and improve as you move through the program by working with peers in a group that shares the same fitness level as you. T2’s training programs include:

1. A customized training plan
2. Coached group workouts throughout the week
3. Access to experienced T2 coaches and staff
4. Workshops/clinics
5. Race-day support
6. Discounts on athletic gear at T2 preferred vendors
7. Encouragement and motivation every step of the way

Many people who join one of our programs have never been active before, and 98% of these individuals actually finish their race because they follow the instruction of T2’s expert coaching staff. Also, many of our first timers are a bit nervous when they first join the program, but they quickly learn that our entire staff is here to help everyone succeed. The nervousness goes away very quickly when one sees the incredible support of staff and other T2 participants.


The funds you raise benefit APLA Health, one of the nation’s largest AIDS service organizations, which offers direct care to low-income people living with HIV/AIDS, HIV prevention and testing, and vigorous advocacy on HIV/AIDS-related public policy issues. With the help of T2’s fundraising team, you’ll meet and exceed your fundraising goal. We will help you every step of the way!