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T2 Training - Los Angeles Marathon - 2017

Welcome to My Fundraising Page!

Mike Worner

Dear Friends,

Once again I’m taking on a challenge to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS, and I hope you'll support me. On Sunday, March 19th I’ll run the 2017 Los Angeles Marathon with Team to End AIDS (T2) to raise funds for AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA) Health.

There are roughly 60,000 people living with HIV/AIDS in Los Angeles County. For over 30 years, APLA has provided food, home health care, dental care, counseling and other services to the organization's clients, many of whom are living in poverty and have nowhere else to turn.

Please join me in doing what we can to bring an end to HIV/AIDS. You can donate as little as $5 or as much as you would like.

Please donate today and help me meet my goal of raising at least $5,000 to make a difference in the life of an APLA Health client. Donations are put to use immediately.

Thank you so much for caring, and thank you for your support.

Best ~ Mike


raised of $7,000 goal

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Good luck!
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